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For those of you who want to get a first-hand look at some female squirting videos here’s what you need to know...

First, let me explain what female cum really is. Female ejaculation is when a woman orgasms so hard that at the time of orgasm she ejaculates. The ejaculate comes out of her urethra, not her vagina. That means she’s ejaculating out of her pee hole, like a guy does, but what comes out is certainly not urine.

Let’s face it – porn is mostly made for and by men, and is either perplexing, boring, or downright offensive to most women. I have found this to be the case even with women-centered or woman-produced porn.

What you typically see in adult squirting videos is not real female cum. In most cases the adult actress has liquid inserted into her vagina, then she pushes it out during the scene. If the ejaculate is coming out of her vagina, that’s a big indicator that it’s fake.

When you witness real women squirting, the ejaculate that you see is a clear fluid that comes from the Skene’s Gland (also called the periurethral glands, or paraurethral glands). It gets built up during stimulation, then pushed into the urethra, and out during orgasm.

So, how do you make a girl squirt? The best technique for giving a woman a squirting orgasm is to directly stimulate either her G-Spot or A-Spot using your fingers. Using your fingers allows you to directly stimulate these sensitive spots.

The best technique for giving her a squirting orgasm is the one demonstrated in this G-Spot video.

As you stimulate her you’ll feel the front wall of her vagina begin to swell. This is called the urethral sponge and it will start to balloon out as it fills with ejaculate. Just before she’s about to explode, her urethral sponge will swell so much that it will probably push your hand or penis out of her vagina just before she squirts.

Female ejaculate has a bit a sweet taste because it contains glucose. The composition of female cum is similar to the fluid generated in the male prostate gland.

For many women, squirting is not something they are aware they can do. They mistake the feeling of ejaculate building up as the sensation of needing to urinate. As a result these women squeeze their PC muscle just before orgasm in attempt to hold back urine which prevents the ejaculate from coming out, thus denying her of the full body sensation of the squirting orgasm.

Women Squirting

OK, on the whole, I would definitely pick a sexier title (squirting orgasms? real squirts?), and the actors in these are obviously shaved and seasoned pros, but the following squirting orgasm videos have my seal of approval for being educational and informative, pretty natural and real, as well as being quite a turn-on.

Female Ejacaulation: Your Complete Guide

This video, done up documentary style, is narrated with a touch of wit, by a man (Seymore Butts himself) who tells the stories of women, who - one way or another - experience ejaculation and female squirting orgasm, in a variety of edifying ways…

Its generally hot, sexy, and inspiring - and if you can believe it, instructional as well.

Real Squirt Website

This site is truly fascinating. Its run by a French-Canadian hottie - with the invocative name of “Kream” - who invites other lovely willing women into her bed to offer them the real experience of squirting or ejaculation – many, for the first time.

We like it because it has hours of hot sexy female ejaculation action (her alone, with other women, couples, strap on sex, and more), as well as a down-to-earth, real person vibe. Its a rare combination.

(Don't tell my girlfriend, but I also loved some of the other sites you get free membership too, especially the really young hottie christina young and the double penetration star peter north)

Well, we hope you enjoy our recommendations. We certainly have!

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