Prostate Orgasm

A prostate orgasm is an intense, full-bodied, non-ejaculatory orgasm – usually due to stimulation to the prostate (the male g-spot) – and is a very different experience than a traditional orgasm. When you orgasm by stimulating the prostate, orgasm and ejaculation can be two separate things.

This fact might be revelatory to you – but we assure you, it is possible for all men. Several nice side benefits of prostate orgasm include being able to have multiple or continuous orgasms, heightened sexual awareness, greater overall health, as well as being able to be more in synch with and connected to your partner.

Having multiple or continuous orgasms means that you can have several orgasms, one after the other, without a recovery period between orgasms. Being a multi-orgasmic man means you do not lose your erection between orgasms, you do not have a complete dip in your sexual arousal level, nor do you experience the fatigue that often comes with ejaculation.

Sexual arousal and response patterns are similar for male and females – the difference is male ejaculation. Likely you have heard of women being blessed with having the potential to be multi-orgasmic, but with some training and practice, the same can be true for you.

Many men consider ejaculation to be the one and the same as orgasm, as well as the focus or “end game” of sexual pleasure. Prostate orgasm allows you to shift your focus to the entire process and experience of love-making.

Prostate orgasm, multiple orgasms, or orgasm without ejaculation offers sexual experience that are more satisfying to you, as well as to your partner. It can shift your arousal pattern and can allow you to be a greater sexual and emotional match with your partner.

You can experience prostate orgasm by either manually – or mentally – slowing orgasm and stopping ejaculation, which is usually done via pressure to the prostate and prostate stimulation. Check out our prostate massage exercise

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