Womens G Spot: Questions and Answers Just for Men

Womens g spot ... a mysterious topic and an ever elusive spot. Is it your key to being an amazing lover or is it a myth and something not to bother with?

Guys, I’ve written this womens g spot section just for you. I decided to do it after finding that the g spot resources on the web were *&!$. They were either dry and scientific or very esoteric and hard to follow, much less use.

I thought – why doesn’t someone write a site that’s simple, practice, with easy to follow exercises. Soon after, my girlfriend and I started developing this site ... and the rest is history! : )

Because I’m often asked the same womens g spot questions, over and over, I thought I’d answer some here.

Guys, click the link that best fits your question:

Where is the g spot?

What’s the best way to be hitting the g spot?

Do you have any advice for locating the g spot?

I can’t find my womans g spot. Do you have any suggestions?

Keeping things simple, can you offer an easy g spot explanation? What’s the big deal with the whole thing anyway?

What is your favorite g spot technique? Do you use fingers, toys, or what?

What others are saying...

         "Thank you so much! Your information changed
         our lives and helped save our marriage."

           Jane Valasquez
            (Van Horn, TX)


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