Female Cum: A.K.A Female Ejaculation

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Female cum is sort of a vague, all encompassing term – it could mean female orgasm, female ejaculation, or it could mean the general experience of coming (or cumming) to a climax and releasing. Either way, it all sounds pretty good!

If female cum means climax or orgasm to you, and you want some more information, check out our page on female orgasm. This can be a controversial topic – many women never or rarely cum at all. But being able to experience orgasms, multiple orgasms, gspot orgasms and ejaculation is the birthright of all women.

If female cum means female ejacaulation to you, then check out our page on the topic.

Whatever you might mean when you think, “female cum,” it is amazing to know that women are anatomically able to have all the same sexual experiences as men – including orgasms, multiple orgasms, as well as ejaculation.

As developing fetuses we have sexual tissues and materials, and as we develop into either male or female, these tissues and materials get arranged as either female or male parts.

Did you know the underside of the head of a man’s penis corresponds to the clitoris and is often referred to as the male clit? And just like men have a prostate, women have a female prostate – known as the g spot, which fills with liquid when she gets turned on, and is released as female cum (aka female ejaculation).

Female ejaculate is released through the woman’s urethra, just like a man will ejaculate through his urethra – the same tube you pee from.

If you want to experience female ejaculation for yourself, or help your woman partner to experience it, we have developed a few exercises for you to play and experiment with here.

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