G Spot Female Ejaculation = The Most Intense Orgasms

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When you talk about g spot female ejaculation, it really just means stimulating the g spot to help you ejaculate.

As you get aroused, and then stimulate the g-spot it gets engorged and swollen with fluid, and this sets in motion both g spot orgasms and g spot female ejaculation.

A woman can experience female ejaculation because of stimulation of the clitoris, or just the g-spot, or combination of both. The gspot is the female prostate – it is the organ (cluster of glands) that creates female ejaculate fluid.

One night by myself in college, I tried experimenting with what would happen if I continued touching my clit after orgasm – and I ejaculated. Now, I’ve added in stimulation of my g spot, and I’m experiencing g spot female ejaculation! I still ejaculate like I did before, but the pleasure and the intensity are more, as my g spot has amped things up

At the time I thought I had across something unusual or rare, but I now find it mind-blowing to know that all women have the anatomic ability to ejaculate. In fact, women are meant to ejaculate as part of the process of becoming aroused and releasing sexual energy as orgasm.

Almost none of us women ejaculate regularly, for a few different reasons: We might not because we don’t even know we can, or maybe because we need to have stronger pelvic (PC) muscles, or it might be that we have a fear of letting go and gushing large amounts of liquid all over the bed or our partner!

What should you expect in terms of amount? Anywhere from a couple teaspoons to more than a cup! Its different between different women, as well as at different times.

Lately I’ve taken to putting down a sex sheet. a deliciously velvety throw blanket that includes a water-proof lining inside. It soaks up anything (massage oil, lube, ejaculate, you name it!)

Of course, there is no need or pressure to ejaculate as part of orgasm, but it is nice to know that it is a woman’s birthright, a form of cathartic release and intense sensual pleasure, not just a wacky trick owned by porn stars.

I can assure you, if you choose to start exploring gspot female ejaculation, you are in for an amazing, intensely pleasurable ride.

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