G Spot Pictures

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Because some people learn by seeing, here are some g spot pictures to help you locate and find your gspot.

The below picture illustrates how, on some women, the gspot sits above the public bone, and can best be stimulated by curving or hooking your finger slightly.

Its best to experiment with applying different degree’s of pressure, in slightly different spots, to find what’s best for your partner.

g spot picture

Of course, in a perfect world, we’d be able to give you access to g spot video’s or a collection of pictures (believe me, when we find them, we’ll post them here).

However, one of the best sites we’ve found for g spot stimulation is this female ejaculation site.

Of course, you might also want to use some tools on yourself or with your own partner. You can get a g spot stimulator that is specially designed to help you hit the g spot (with your partner or alone!), and it will likely save you hours of trial and error

Also, it is much easier to come back to the gspot, later on, without a toy, after you’ve gotten the hang of everything.

Below you’ll see another g spot pic. This one is a bit harder to look at (it must have been made by a man : ) But, it does you a sense of how the g spot is really less of a spot and more of an area.

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