Female G Spot 101: You didn’t learn this in school!

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So, if you’re anything like most people, you’ve heard about the female g spot, but you don’t know too much about it.

This section of our website is designed especially for you. Its designed to make it as easy as possible to locate and find your g spot and make good use of it !

The first step is to become super comfortable in finding your (or your partner’s) g spot. If you can believe it, some doctor’s still debate whether it exists. But, I can tell you the “experts” are wrong.

The female g spot does exist! I’ve seen, first hand, it’s delicious fruits: intense whole body orgasms, pulses and waves of ecstatic pleasure for minutes at a time and even amazing flows of amrita (also known as female ejaculation).

Below, we’re going to introduce you to alot of female g spot resources: pictures, video’s, guided exercices, and more.

It can be very hard to find clear, easy to understand, practical information in a well written book. This ebook covers everything and is by far one of our favorite sources. And, believe me, we’ve returned ALOT of inferior ebooks and materials (believe me, the online marketers hate us! :-)

Now, on to everything you need to know about the g-spot. The first step is to understand where the female g spot is and what it is. Basically, its a small gland that sits inside the front wall of your vagina, about 2 inches in, on top of your pelvic bone.

For some pictures and help in finding it, check out our page of female g spot pictures. If you’d prefer to see things “in action”, check out some of our favorite g spot videos.

Besides pictures and videos, I also want to give you some hands on tools for your own exploration as well. Here is a finding the g spot exercise that my girlfriend and I have created for you to use with your partner.

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