Advanced Techniques for G Spot Stimulation

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This section is designed to teach you some advanced g spot stimulation techniques. Get ready to let your wild, inner sex-diva out to play!

A g spot stimulation technique we recommend you try is g spot massage.It is said doing g-spot massage can help relieve stored sexual hurts, trauma’s and bad experiences. We’ve created a simple, one-hour exercise to do with your partner.

If you arefeeling adventurous, check our pages on g spot sex and g spot positions . They are guaranteed toamp up your lovemaking, and leave you purringly contented.

Of course, sometimes you just feel like getting it on by yourself. (Like when you are working hard at the computer in your home office!: )

To help you hone your g spot stimulation skills, we recommend you regularly enjoy g spot masturbation. (We promise you will not grow hairy palms, and we will not tell your mom!)

If you somehow still have energy after all that, check out our section on g spot toys. We have experimented with most of the toys out there, and these are our absolute favorite toys for making g spot stimulation easy.

Of course, we all want sacred sex, and intimate orgasms with our partners. In fact, that’s why we have put so much energy into this site – to help you achieve a more deep, intimate connection with your partner.

That said, sometimes, when you are in the mood, you just can not beat having some fun, sexy toys on hand. We hope you enjoy our favorite g spot toys as much as we do.

One last note …

If you really want to have a fun evening, buy a couple of these g spot toys, and don’t tell your partner. Then, invite her out for a sexy date, and at the beginning of it say “I have got a surprise for you“.

Do not tell her what the surprise is, now matter what.

Then, when you get home, give her a cocktail, and excuse yourself. Set up your bedroom (candles, incense, etc.) and lay out some of your new toys. Trust me – you will have a memorable night!

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