Prostate Stimulation: The Basics

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Whether you find yourself curious about or confronted by the idea of prostate stimulation it truly can widen your sexual horizons considerably. Prostate stimulation can greatly increase your sexual pleasure, and offer you greater control over your orgasms and give you a unique ability to connect with your partner.

Your prostate and anal sphincter are the biggies responsible for orgasm – including quality, quantity and intensity. The stronger the contractions of your prostate, the stronger your orgasm. Experimenting with prostate stimulation can unleash incredibly erotic possibilities.

The prostate – or male g-spot – is a walnut-sized gland that is located underneath your bladder, close to the rectal wall. Since your prostate can’t be touched directly, prostate stimulation is easiest and often most pleasurable when done internally through pressure to the wall of your anus.

However stimulating the prostate is also possible externally through the wall of your perineum (the soft, smooth area between your anus and testicles), or through contractions of your PC muscles.

Just the thought of prostate stimulation or anal penetration might be a bit too much for you, but we invite you to proceed with an open mind! The prostate is highly sensitive to stimulation and pressure, and offer sensations are similar to those felt during ejaculation – since that is when the prostate usually comes into play as it pumps semen.

Prostate stimulation can offer explosive, mind-blowing orgasms for many men, and can offer a new experience of letting go, and of receiving sexually.

Since the anus itself is also filled with many nerve endings, it can be pleasurable as well.

If you are comfortable, familiar or well-practiced with all of this – or if you are highly adventurous – we recommend you check out the transfer. This clear, hard acrylic toy is designed to simultaneously stimulate a woman’s g spot and your anus and prostate – and does a very good job of both!

In order to explore the prostate, it is important to be relaxed, comfortable and playful. You may discover you prefer to have your prostate stimulated only when already hot and aroused, or you may find you can have an orgasm from anal stimulation alone.

To discover what works best for you, try our prostate masturbation exercise.

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