Mastering Vaginal Weightlifting

Discover the amazing benefits of vaginal lifting !

Vaginal weightlifting has a plethora of benefits, from personal and spiritual to physical and orgasmic, so it’s no wonder why this is a trend that many women are looking to jump in to. Through vaginal weightlifting, a woman can strengthen her pelvic floor, vaginal muscles, and entire pelvic region through light vaginal lifting resistance, and this goes along with all of the nerve endings and blood … [Read more...]

Prostate Orgasm

A prostate orgasm is an intense, full-bodied, non-ejaculatory orgasm – usually due to stimulation to the prostate (the male g-spot) – and is a very different experience than a traditional orgasm. When you orgasm by stimulating the prostate, orgasm and ejaculation can be two separate things. This fact might be revelatory to you – but we assure you, it is possible for all men. Several nice side … [Read more...]

Female Ejaculation: It is Possible!

Female Ejaculation? You mean women can ejaculate like men? Yes, we women can ejaculate – as many soaked towels in my laundry basket can attest to! Many of us women are simultaneously curious and timid about the subject. Did you know that many women ejaculate already without actually knowing they are doing it? It can be an intimidating concept to imagine gushing crazy amounts of fluid when you … [Read more...]

Question: Where is the g spot?

Where is the g spot? This is probably our #1 question, and while it seems like a simple question, it can be more complex to answer where is the g spot than you'd think! Mainly, this is because the g-spot is really an “area” more than a specific spot. That means it will be different sizes, shapes, and in a different place with every woman (even changing with the same woman from time to time, and … [Read more...]

G spot Location Tips

If you are like most people, you are confounded by that ever-elusive g spot location and maybe sometimes you wonder if it actually exists at all. It does. Finding it, getting comfortable with it, and experiencing all the g spot has to offer will help you be a sexually explosive woman. It is also a key to exceptional sex and exceptional intimate connection with your partner. Many of us ignore … [Read more...]

Male G Spot 101

Yes, you’ve guessed it - men have a g spot too! The male g spot (also known as your prostate – the two terms can be used interchangeably) is an erogenous spot with the power to drive men wild. Similar to a woman’s g-spot, the important nerves for erection, orgasm and ejaculation converge at the male g spot and in the prostate and perineum area. This area can also provide intense and heightened … [Read more...]

G Spot Positions are the KEY to hot, ecstatic sex.

Ladies and Gentlemen ... Its time to learn some g spot positions and shake things up! Don't be content with just a few positions. Find ways to pleasure yourself you didn't even know about! If you like normal couple sex that lasts 5 - 10 minutes, don't read this g spot positions page. If you're feeling adventurous, and ready to blow your mind then please, proceed. So, the first step in … [Read more...]

G Spot Pictures

Because some people learn by seeing, here are some g spot pictures to help you locate and find your gspot. The below picture illustrates how, on some women, the gspot sits above the public bone, and can best be stimulated by curving or hooking your finger slightly. Its best to experiment with applying different degree's of pressure, in slightly different spots, to find what's best for your … [Read more...]

Finding the G Spot: A Step-by-Step Guided Exercise

We are often asked for help in finding the g spot. To support you around this, we’ve created a simple, easy finding the g spot exercise that takes about an hour. Be sure to try it when you have space and time to do it fully. Also, we encourage you to use this as a guide – innovate, adapt, modify, and be creative. Now, on to our finding the g spot exercise. As you read it, you'll notice that … [Read more...]

What is your favorite g spot technique? Should I use my fingers, a toy, or what?

My favorite g spot technique is to use my fingers to explore my partner’s g spot while I lick and such her clit. In the beginning, it took a month or two of exploration to find my partner’s g spot, and learn how she liked it stimulated. If you’re just getting started with g spot exploration, check out our finding the g spot exercise or our g spot massage exercise. Those are good g spot … [Read more...]