Squirting Orgasm: A.K.A. Female Ejaculation

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A squirting orgasm is when a woman ejaculates near or during orgasm. There’s little else that feels as good or offers such an amazing release as female ejaculation!

I must admit that I hate this irreverent term, but it certainly inspires quite a visual. Referred to as “spraying the wall” – squirting orgasms can result in anywhere from a few teaspoons of liquid to more than a cup or two.

Yes, women can ejaculate – as many soaked towels in my laundry basket can attest to! That said though, my new favorite toy is a sex sheet.

I’ve taken to calling it my “magic carpet”. It is not only a velvety delight to lay down on, making me instantly feel deliciously sensual, but it has an inside waterproof layer, and no amount of ejaculate has ever escaped to create that wet spot on the bed.

Knowing that I have it underneath me relaxes me and makes it more likely that I will feel at ease enough to let myself go and ejaculate.

If you want to see it to believe it, take a look at a few female squirting orgasm videos. My boyfriend and I sorted through quite a few badly done videos to find these ones which are informative, if not downright hot!

To get a better sense of what a squirting orgasm is, and how you or your partner can experience one, check out our page on g spot female ejaculation where we go further into depth and also offer you a couple of exercises to jump right in and try female ejaculation for yourself.

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