Female Ejaculate: It’s Not Pee!

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You might be wondering what exactly is this substance of female ejaculate? And if it is released through the urethra but is not urine – which it is not – then what exactly is it?

It is interesting to know that men also release ejaculate through their urethra, the same tube they pee from. In fact, the whole process of female ejaculation is much like male ejaculation.

Confused at all? Here’s a brief description of the process:

As a woman, when you get turned on, your whole pelvic area begins to get hot and aroused, and the glands that surround your urethra, (called Skene’s paraurethral glands, if you care) start to fill up. This is why sometimes when the g spot gets stimulated, you may feel like you need to pee. Many of these glands cluster to make up the organ known as the beloved g spot.

When you feel your gspot get engorged and protrude more into the vagina, it is the organ filling with female ejaculate. The fluid will either get recycled into the bladder and will come out when you next pee, or it will be released through your urethra as female ejaculation. At times this can mean a few teaspoons, and at others a cup or more!

You still might be wondering – is it urine? The answer is, no, it isn’t! It is a fluid that can be either “milky” or clear, that usually has little or no odor or taste, although this can change depending on your diet or where you are in your menstrual cycle.

The fluid of female ejaculate is a mixture of glucose, fructose, some hormones and acids known as PSA and PAP, with here and there traces of urine. OK – enough of the scientific.

Although you now know a bit more about female ejaculate, many cultures have not only known about it since ancient times but have both celebrated and revered it.

In fact, it was known as “Liquor Vitae” in Ancient Rome, “The Third Water” in Taoist traditions, “Waters of Gaia” or “Waters of Life” in many different indigenous cultures, and is referred to by Tantric or Indian traditions as “Amrita.” In ancient Japan, it was common for women to own “Ejaculation Bowls” for capturing the flow for later use.

And how was it used? Female ejaculate is considered by many to be an aphrodisiac. Many ancient cultures considered it to be a health tonic that had the ability to reverse the aging process, and so they drank it and made tea out of it. Many traditions believe that both male ejaculate and female ejaculate are needed for conception.

OK, so even though most of us won’t be making tea out of female ejaculate, I can recommend a few essential items for your own exploration. Fingers and tongues are excellent.

And, because you likely don’t want to have an ejaculation bowl like in ancient times, I recommend a sex sheetunderneath you. Conversely, you can put down a couple of towels, but we’ve found that sometimes these soak through and leave a set spot.

Also, now that we’ve been experimenting with this for awhile, I’ll be ready to ejaculate without even planning with it. This then used to leave us scrambling for towels, or just messing up the bed and mattress which bothered me.

Now, with a sex sheet we just throw it down when we start having sex and then I can ejaculate or not. It’s got a waterproof inner lining, and a smooth satin side, and a furry side.

Lately, I’ve taken to calling it my magic carpet! Generally, I just love we can throw this down on our sofa, on the floor, or on our bed, and it soaks up whatever comes out.

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