G Spot Toys Made Easy

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G spot toys can be hard to figure out and you could easily spend hours and lots of money finding a few good ones (we certainly have), but now, you don’t have to! Our favorite source for G-Spot Toys is SexToysDiva.com. They have a huge selection and the best prices.

We’ve written this page to make it easier for you to choose a few good g spot toys.

First Step: Good Lube

Anytime you play with toys, things will go much smoother with good lubrication. We prefer this water based lube because we can use it all on our sex toys (using a silicone based lube on silicone toys can ruin them).

Second Step: Choosing the Material

When choosing g spot toys, you’ll find there are lots of options: jelly, silicone, plastic, latex, and glass and acrylic. You also have to choose whether you want a dildo, a vibrator, or a vibrating dildo!

Generally the harder materials like glass, acrylic, and plastic give you more intensely focused pressure, while the softer materials like jelly, and silicone are more diffuse.

We prefer to have several g spot toys on hand. You’ll notice sometimes your g-spot wants harder more intense pressure, and sometimes she’ll prefer more diffuse vibration. Options are good!

Third Step: Choosing Your Toys

There are many books and entire websites written on sex toys, dildos, vibrators and the like. Rather than get into all the complexities, we’ve decided to just give you short cut. Below are our favorite g spot toys, and the information you need to know.

We invite you to check these g spot toys out, experiment with them and to have fun. While you likely will not use your g spot toys all the time – they will make a fun addition to your sex life.

If you’re feeling nervous – maybe a beginner with toys – don’t worry! Surprise yourself (or your partner), buy one, and try it out! That’s how we got started.

SlimLine G Spot Vibrator

This is likely one of the cheapest g spot toys we own. At first this made us really skeptical – I mean it’s plastic after all. However, after a “test drive” we quickly came to enjoy it.

The hard plastic gives you a nice hard pressure on the g-spot. The long handle gives you good leverage, and its got a good variable speed vibration that works well on the g-spot and the clitorus. Its also easy to clean – just use purell, or an acohol wipe.

Rock – Chick Vibrator

This g-spot toy comes from the UK where it’s a run-away best seller. When we first saw it, we actually didn’t quite know what to make of it. But, now its one of our favorite g spot toys.

The curved shape is designed to go inside and stimulate your g spot as well as your clitoris at the same time. We found it worked great when I pushed it in and out – giving some extra pressure on my girlfriend’s gspot. Because of the super intelligent design, you’re pretty much guaranteed to hit your g-spot everytime.

If you’re “home-alone” insert it, sit on the edge of the bed and rock back and forth. This motion stimulates the g spot and rubs the clitoris at the same time – a proven combination! : ) Because this toy is silicon, and the vibrator part comes out, its one of the easier g spot toys to clean.

The Crystal Wand

While our first two g spot toys were vibrators, this one is meant as a g spot stimulator. Its made out of lucite – which looks like glass, but is a more affordable non-porous resin.

This toy was designed by an educator on g spot toys, so its curved shape perfectly finds your g-spot every time. Its hard material also gives you hard, direct pressure on your g-spot.

This toy can also be used to hit the g-spot through the anus (yours or his!). Because you can boil it, feel free to enjoy it anyway you like. (For variation you can also warm it, or cool it before play)

While the other vibrating toys are fun – this toy is excellent for slowing things down and helping you connect intimately with your partner while you experiment with different styles, depths and pressures. Check Out Sex Toys Diva to get the best selection of toys!

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