Womens G Spot: Questions and Answers Just for Men

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Womens g spot … a mysterious topic and an ever elusive spot. Is it your key to being an amazing lover or is it a myth and something not to bother with?

Guys, I’ve written this womens g spot section just for you. I decided to do it after finding that the g spot resources on the web were *&!$. They were either dry and scientific or very esoteric and hard to follow, much less use.

I thought – why doesn’t someone write a site that’s simple, practice, with easy to follow exercises. Soon after, my girlfriend and I started developing this site … and the rest is history! :-)

Because I’m often asked the same womens g spot questions, over and over, I thought I’d answer some here.

Guys, click the link that best fits your question:

Where is the g spot?

What’s the best way to be hitting the g spot?

Do you have any advice for locating the g spot?

I can’t find my woman’s g spot. Do you have any suggestions?

Keeping things simple, can you offer an easy g spot explanation? What’s the big deal with the whole thing anyway?

What is your favorite g spot technique? Do you use fingers, toys, or what?