Female Ejaculation: It is Possible!

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Female Ejaculation? You mean women can ejaculate like men? Yes, we women can ejaculate – as many soaked towels in my laundry basket can attest to!

Many of us women are simultaneously curious and timid about the subject. Did you know that many women ejaculate already without actually knowing they are doing it?

It can be an intimidating concept to imagine gushing crazy amounts of fluid when you orgasm, but it can open you up to a new level of sexuality and can offer you the wildest, deepest, wettest orgasms ever!

As you might have guessed by now, the g spot is a big player in squirting – in fact female ejaculation is even sometimes referred to as g spot female ejaculation.

Its helpful to know that some women experience ejaculation due to stimulation to the g-spot alone; others can ejaculate with clitoral stimulation and others (like me!) do best with a combination of both.

However, the g spot (with or without direct stimulation) is the key area as it becomes engorged and swells when aroused and thus sets in motion the release of ejaculate fluid.

To get started with female ejaculation, set aside some time to do the exercise we’ve written for you below.

Also, you still might be wondering what the substance of female ejaculate is made of, as well as where it comes from. If are like most people, you have probably heard that it is just pee, but this is not the case.

Although it is released via the urethra – the same tube we release urine from – it is not pee! In fact, many cultures refer to it as sacred female sexual fluid or “amrita.”

You might also have heard female ejaculation called squirting orgasm or female cum, but ejaculation and orgasm, although they can happen simultaneously, and usually do, are actually two separate things.

While there is no shortage of raunchy porn centered around female ejaculation, tasteful and interesting porn using mostly real people rather than bored porn stars is a rarity. We’ve written a page to help you out, by reviewing our favorite “rare-finds” here: female squirting orgasm videos

Educational and – ahem – kind of hot!

Below you’ll find an exercise to help you start experiencing female ejaculation. Before reviewing it, be sure to join our free E-Course. Its full of all our favorite tips, techniques, and exercises.

A Female Ejaculation Exercise for Women

This female ejaculation exercise is for you – the woman – to get comfortable touching and stimulating yourself, and bringing yourself to ejaculation.

Leave about 45 minutes to an hour for this female ejaculation exercise. You don’t need much – gather some lube, a couple of towels, a small hand mirror, and your favorite dildo or vibrator (harder is better than soft).

Here is what I keep on hand: sex sheet, lube, acuvibe, and a gspot stimulator.

You may also want to pee before starting, so that later during the exercise, you know you are not peeing, you are experiencing female ejaculation.

During this female ejaculation exercise, feel free to use a small hand mirror to see what you look like touching yourself and ejaculating – it is not something you often get to view!

1. Take a hot shower or bath, and get really relaxed and comfortable. Its really important with female ejaculation that you be relaxed and open (you are, after all, letting something out!)

2. Set yourself up in a cozy and comfortable location, with several layers of towels or the sex sheet underneath you. You will likely want to be reclining or sitting up – lying down on your back will probably not allow you to reach your g spot.

3. Begin to touch yourself, using your fingers or a dildo or vibrator – any and all of your favorite techniques to get yourself really hot. You can touch your clitoris, as well as your g-spot.

4. When you are pretty aroused, take a moment to find and play with your g spot. Reaching your g-spot with just your fingers might be hard – it depends on where yours is exactly.

To locate yours, take one or two fingers (you might want to use lube) and insert them inside yourself, palm up, fingers hooked, and feel around about 1½ inches in, on the front wall of your vagina, just above the pubic bone.

You will likely find a pea or walnut sized spot that feels a different texture from the rest of the vagina. Play with this spot, and notice what feels best to you. Also try using your vibrator or dildo (again with lube) – it can offer much more access and control when playing with your g-spot.

5. You can try the “withdrawing” technique of rubbing the g-spot directly in a series of 5-6 repetitions, and then withdraw fully your fingers or the vibrator suddenly; wait about 2-3 seconds and then repeat. This can bring on ejaculation, and you often see this technique used in videos.

6. If it doesn’t, just keep heading toward orgasm, touching either your clit or gspot (or both), whatever works best for you. Either way, keep noticing the full or watery feeling you are likely experiencing.

If you bring yourself to orgasm, rather than stopping, keep touching yourself – see what happens when you go beyond orgasm, when you would ordinarily stop.

7. If you feel like you need to pee, you are on the right track – but rather than backing off, push into this feeling. I have found that I need to relax to let the ejaculate come out, but you may find you need to assist with pushing out.

8. You are there! You are not peeing, you are experiencing female ejaculation! Don’t worry about getting the area wet – that is what the towels or the sex sheet are for – just relax, release and let go.

9. Take a moment to appreciate your body and its capacity for such immense pleasure, and the amazing experience of female ejaculation.

If you didn’t ejaculate this time, don’t worry! Think back on this female ejaculation exercise – what felt good, what you noticed, where you got stuck or blocked, etc. Think of a few things you’ll do differently next time, and then try it again on another day.

Practice does make perfect after all :-)

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