G spot Location Tips

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If you are like most people, you are confounded by that ever-elusive g spot location and maybe sometimes you wonder if it actually exists at all. It does.

Finding it, getting comfortable with it, and experiencing all the g spot has to offer will help you be a sexually explosive woman. It is also a key to exceptional sex and exceptional intimate connection with your partner.

Many of us ignore or have disowned our sexual nature, starting with our sexual parts. Sexual energy is creative flow. If your creative flow is stopped, you are stopped; you are not able to be fully the creative, ravishing, radiant woman that is your birthright to be.

Side effects of getting clear about your g spot location are: greater oxygenation to the body, decrease in pain during childbirth, and greater ease for those wishing to conceive. Oh, and of course full-bodied, mind-blowing orgasms that can last from 5-40 minutes, often accompanied by female ejaculation!

The g-spot is best stimulated via the vagina’s front wall with your fingers, a partners fingers or with or with a toy or vibrator designed specially for this quest.

My girlfriend’s favorite toys, to use on herself, and sometimes with me, are this slimline vibrator and the crystal wand. Both of these are super friendly and appropriate for beginner’s.

For an exercise to do with your partner, check out our finding the g spot exercise in the “Female G Spot 101” section of the site.

In order to help you find your g spot location on your own, my girlfriend has written a simple exercise for you. In her words “It will help you get more comfortable with your pussy and all its nuances and idiosyncrasies!”

G Spot Location Exercise

1. Set aside ½ hour of uninterrupted time in a safe and sexy space for this g spot location exercise.

2. Pamper yourself – maybe start with a warm shower or bath or cup of tea, leaf through some erotica, or just imagine what you are about to do.

3. Lie down on your back and get comfortable in the space you have chosen. Get yourself nicely aroused – this might be caressing your breasts, touching your clitoris, or light touch or massage on your belly and thighs. You know what to do!

4. When you are starting to get a bit hot and bothered, come up into a squat or kneeling position, and insert one or two fingers inside your pussy.

5. Explore the front wall of the vagina, about 1 ½ to 2 inches in. You will find a spot that is slightly ridged, a bit like the roof of your mouth, that is about the size of a dime or larger. This is your g-spot.

6. If pressing it makes you feel like you have to pee, you’re in the right spot. If you want to, go pee, and then come back. When you return from peeing you’ll know that you can ignore the I-have-to-pee feeling – it is false – you just peed!

7. Now, that you’ve found your g spot location, lie back down, and lets keep exploring things. For this part, its best if you use a g spot toy. We recommend these because it can be difficult to self-stimulate your g spot with your fingers. (Unless you have super long arms, long fingers : )

8. Now, keep stimulating your g spot, using your choice of toy. You can experiment with different pressures, depths, and motions. Explore your g spot location as your sensations bloom into pleasure.

At times, it might suddenly become numb or painful – this is natural. Just back off for a moment, breathe, perhaps play with your clitorus, and resume. The g-spot is kind of like a sleeping beauty that you are waking up.

9. Although orgasm is not the point of this g spot location exercise, you can by all means continue and bring yourself to orgasm!

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