Multiple Orgasms Made Easy

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Although some men can have multiple orgasms, it is usually us women who are more easily able to orgasm one after another after another after another.

I’ve often asked myself, if some of my friends can come over and over – how come it takes so much work for me to just have one?

As I was deconstructing this, I realized that the first step was to understand the different types of orgasm.

Clitoral orgasm comes, obviously, from stimulating the clitoris. Usually, these orgasms are characterized by contraction and they to be limited to the pelvic region. They’ve often fairly short in duration – and they typically take the lease stimulation.

Vaginal or g-spot orgasms are often fuller-bodied and oceanic, rather than being limited to the genital area. They feel expansive as opposed to contractive – and more watery. They also often bring with them intense emotional reaction, like tears or laughter, and a sense of connection with your partner and the universe.

These can come from just penetration, or more specific positions and techniques that cause your partner to hit your g-spot. They take a medium amount of stimulation.

Cervical orgasms are the most expansive of all and come from – you guessed it – stimulation of the cervix, which is located at the very end of the vagina, and is in fact the tip of the uterus.

Many women initially find cervical stimulation painful so its important to work up to them, focusing on g spot orgasms first. Cervical orgasms take a lot of stimulation and require you to be in a very aroused state for a long period of time.

A blended orgasm is where there is a combination of one or more types of orgasm. One of my favorites is a blend of a clitoral and a gspot orgasm – wow!

A friend of mine told me about these. She said her Accubive made her have multiple orgasms in just a few minutes. I smiled and nodded my head thinking to myself – there is no way this will work for me.

I was very skeptical at first – it looks like an over-sized albino microphone – but luckily, she was insistent and made me borrow hers. Five minutes and two orgasms later, I became a convert.

The acuvibe has well earned its nickname of “magic wand” and is now part of my sex toy “cabinet of fame.” I regularly use it with, and without, my partner when I want quick and easy multiple orgasms. It sometimes also helps me ejaculate more easily too.

After you try it, I suspect you’ll become a convert too :-)

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