A Step by Step G Spot Orgasm Exercise

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What exactly is g spot orgasm? As you might have guessed, there are many types of orgasm, each with its own flavor and characteristics. G-spot orgasms are titanic, full-bodied, and often last much, much longer and spread throughout the body.

The gspot stores an immense amount of sexual, creative energy. It also stores any sexual or emotional hurts – so as you use this g spot orgasm exercise, don’t be surprised if emotions, tears, or laughter come up. It is natural, and it is a release of those stored emotions, making your sexual, creative energy more available to you.

A word about emotional intimacy– women need it in order to feel open sexually or even want sex; and without it many of us have trouble being aroused or having orgasms, let alone a g spot orgasm.

Emotions are usually not the most comfortable realm for men, but exploring the gspot is an amazing way to bring you closer and more emotionally intimate with your partner. It may take several times of trying this g spot orgasm exercise for your partner to feel open and comfortable enough to come.

G Spot Orgasm Exercise:

1. Prepare an inviting, sexy space for your partner and invite her into it. Rather than telling her the point of this exercise is to get her to orgasm (which can feel pressured), just take a gentle lead tell her you would like to explore and experience her fully.

2. Foreplay is the most important element here, and for many women foreplay is emotional. Show her and tell her what you appreciate about her, her body, her qualities, wine and dine her, give her a gift. A little heart-felt appreciation goes a long, long way.

3. However, emotional foreplay is just setting the stage for arousing her body. Light kisses, kissing her neck, caresses over her body and erogenous zones – whatever you know she enjoys and turns her on. Keep at this longer that you would normally. Resist the temptation to touch her clitoris or pussy until later.

4. Take the teasing to the next level. As you tease and arouse her, keep resuming eye-contact with your lover. By avoiding the usual step of heading straight for her pussy, you will be creating a strong bond of trust and openness, and will be encouraging her to open up, get really hot, and “ask for” what is coming, without holding back.

5. You will begin to notice signs in her body, like her arching lower back, movement in her hips, or moaning – these are the signs to GO AHEAD. However, don’t break your connection with her through eye contact.

6. At this point, she will probably be so turned on she will be physically or verbally “asking” for you to touch her pussy. Gently go ahead, lingering on the pubic hair, the lips of the vagina, the whole zone. Massage, stroke, touch and stimulate this area. You can pay some attention to her clitoris, but not too much, since the point of this is to locate and stimulate the g spot.

7. Gently dip one finger, or maybe two inside her, but only an inch or two at first. Resist the urge to plunge in deeply – you are exploring and locating her G-Spot. Feel around on the front wall of the vagina – you are feeling for a ridged spot, about the size of a dime or quarter, that feels distinct from the rest of the area, kind of like the roof of your mouth. It could also feel like a small bean or a nipple.

8. Once you have found her g-spot, begin rubbing gently, using one finger or two, depending on what feels best to your partner. Try moving your finger in a “come here” motion, side to side like windshield wipers, up and down or in a circle. Don’t worry if you don’t get immediate reaction, keep trying different directions, speeds and movements of your finger, and ask your partner to be vocal about what feels best. You will probably notice the g-spot swelling or getting a “watery” feel to it.

9. As you notice her getting more and more aroused, be aware this might be totally new for your partner, uncharted territory. Keep your eye connection with her, appreciate her, tell her how beautiful she is, how hot she is making you. The muscles of her vagina will begin to contract, she may become very, very wet. She may even ejaculate!

10. Keep your finger moving, no matter how much she may writhe, thrash around, scream and moan, to provide a steadiness as her orgasm rises and bubbles over. Keep your finger moving gently until her orgasm subsides.

Afterwards: you may notice her silent and still for a while – this is normal after such intensity. Take some time to share the experience – what it was like for both of you. In the future, it will be easier to access and experience g spot orgasm.

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