Male G Spot 101

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Male G Spot

(See Male G-Spot Video Below For More Detail)

Yes, you’ve guessed it – men have a g spot too! The male g spot (also known as your prostate – the two terms can be used interchangeably) is an erogenous spot with the power to drive men wild.

Similar to a woman’s g-spot, the important nerves for erection, orgasm and ejaculation converge at the male g spot and in the prostate and perineum area.

This area can also provide intense and heightened pleasure, and is also the place where emotional and sexual issues are stored.

Prostate stimulation can be both pleasurable and healing for a man, and can help release emotional as well as physical stress.

For many men, the stronger stimulation to the male g-spot, the stronger and more profound orgasms they experience.

Exploring the male g-spot is the key to unlock astounding levels of intense pleasure that is not just limited to your penis! It can also bring you closer to and create a more intimate bond with your partner. If you are ready to locate the male g-spot and put it to use, we invite you to try our or prostate massage exercise with your partner or ourprostate masturbation exercise by yourself.

X-Ray video of Male G-Spot:

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Since the best way to reach and stimulate the male g spot is through the anus, the whole conversation of prostate pleasure can be very edgy for many men. Men – whatever your level of comfort around the concept of stimulating the male g-spot, if you’ve managed to read this far, we salute you!

The quality and amount of stimulation to whole area including the prostate, perineum, and anal sphincter really determine the levels of sexual pleasure and intimacy you and your partner experience. And there are other ways to engage the male g spot that do not involve penetration.

An male orgasm that is stronger, longer, continuous and more explosive – often called a prostate orgasm – is all characteristic of stimulation to the male g spot. Rather than being an orgasm that is just located in your genitals or driven solely by your penis, a prostate orgasm becomes a whole-body phenomenon, and can offer you multiple orgasms as well as orgasms without ejaculation.

We hope you take the opportunity to explore the male g spot. It’s well worth it!

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