G Spot Videos: Our DVD and Video Favorites

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If you’ve ever tried to find good g spot videos, you know how hard it is!

As I’m sure you’ve found, most sex video’s that try to teach you something are either super bad (think 1980’s, distractingly bad acting, and low quality production), or just male centered porn under a different name.

What you really want is a video that teaches you something, while also being hot and erotic enough to turn both of you on. And, of course, it needs to be high quality, well produced, and beautiful.

Believe me, in my quest to find a few exceptional g spot videos, I’ve returned way more than I’ve kept!

To make things easy for you, I’ve narrowed it down to my favorite two (+ a bonus). I’d love to hear what you think, or if you a favorite you think we should watch.

Clearly Sex

What’s not to like about this video? Sexy, non-professionals. Beautiful, hand made toys. Real, sexy orgasms. hmmm…

While the video is obviously made by a manufacturer of acrylic sex toys – it also has become one of our favorite sex videos to watch together.

Well produced, high quality, sexy action, cool toys put to good use – yumm!

While the film is not specifically a g spot video – it has plenty of gspot action, and you’ll definately be inspired to play with your g-spot toys (if not buy a new one or two)

It took awhile to find a reliable supplier of this video, but

Female Ejaculation: A Complete Guide

At first we were sorta turned off by the seemingly male-centered approach of this video. “Seymore Butts”? Give me a break! We also wondered how it would connect to the gspot, given its title.

However, after watching it, and rewatching it, our opinion began to change. This is a big budget film that somehow still manages to be low-key and easy going. The video is narrated by a guy: Seymore Butts who is both funny and knowledgeable.

The actors were hot, and while obviously more “professional” than those in Clearly Sex, they still seem (mostly) like real, intelligent people.

There were a few parts of this video where I fast-forwarded as it felt a bit too much like a normal male-centered porn show. But, mostly, I found this video instructional, entertaining, sexy and super hot.

This DVD has some excellent sections on how to find and stimulate the gspot, which is why I’m recommending it here. It, as the title suggests, also has some super hot ejaculation scenes. In all, I found this to be a rare video that combines clear, well organized gspot instruction with hot, sexy scenes.

In the beginning, my girlfriend was a bit skeptical about me doing “research” for this g spot video section (“YEAH RIGHT”, she said, “you just want to watch porn all day!”). Now, she’s come around, and will openly admit that these two videos get her hot.

Whether you are a guy, or a girl,

Female Ejaculation Website

So, when I first wrote this page, I just had the two video’s mentioned above. But, in my far ranging research, I ran across this porn site.

This is a website made by a hot french-canadian woman. I have it on this page of g spot videos because this site has alot of videos on it.

Primarily she’s focused on ejaculating, and teaching others how to do it. But, in the process she talks quite a bit about the g spot, and even plays with sex toys we’ve recommended on this site.

and I’ve come to really enjoy it (as has my girlfriend). Here’s to “real” porn!

Well, it took a lot of self-sacrifice to watch all these video’s and review porn sites to come up with these referalls … But, I guess, someone had to do it : )