G Spot Sex: Your Key for Hot, Ecstatic Orgasms

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If you’re looking to experiment with a variety of g spot sex techniques, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll teach you everything you need to know!

Before we get started with all the details, I want to say the real key to g spot sex is actually not about the g-spot at all. Often this can get lost in our focus on specific sex techniques. Amazing sex really starts with your mind, and your emotions.

The key having amazing g spot orgasms during sex is to focus on being present with your partner. In the beginning, its often best if you agree not to have orgasms. Instead, have fun, enjoy a sense of play – treat it like an adventure. Rather than focus on orgasm during g spot sex, focus on creating connection, intimacy, and deep connection.

Longer term, this focus on sacred sex and connection with your partner is the real key to g spot sex and full-body orgasm. (Its funny when you think about it – that agreeing not to orgasm often actually has you have the hottest sex : )

Now back to g spot sex techniques. One of the first things to know is that subtlety really makes all the difference. Remember, in g spot sex you’re focusing on hitting a small spot or area. Thus, small subtle distinctions make all the difference.

So, as you experiment with different positions, here are some subtle techniques to try during g spot sex:
Step one: Arousal

Use your favorite techniques to get each other hot. Its important that you be aroused, and your g-spot engorged
Step two: Positioning

Choose one of your favorite g spot positions. Because properly stimulating the g-spot can often take a good amount of time, make sure you are both super comfortable. Use a variety of pillows or blankets to prop things up. Its ok to take time to get everything set.

Step three: Thrusting Styles

Have your partner try some of these thrusting styles:

short strokes: have his penis come in only an inch or two and then withdraw just to the edge of your vagina, and then repeat. Try to have this be stimulating the edges of your g spot area.

direct pressure: have his penis come all the way in until its pressed up against your g-spot. (help your partner find the best angle and depth to do this). Then have him sorta rock in place, so that he keeps pressure on your gspot but it varies slightly

hard and fast: have your partner thrust hard and fast into you – but after 9 -15 strokes have him come out and pause for a count or two. Then repeat. There are many variations of this – thrust for 15, pause for 1, thrust for 14, pause for 1, thrust for 13, pause for 1, etc. Some people say that this combination of hard, fast, and deep thrusting with a pause or two outside will help you ejaculate.

hip motion: while your partner is thrusting, have him move his hips – side to side, as well as back and forward. (I’ve been taking pilates for the last year just to have more flexibility in my hips … you would never believe that a slight extra tilt upward in my pelvis and hips would make a difference – but it does!)

With all of these thrusting techniques, its important for you and your partner to maintain heart connection and consciousness. That’s a key to all of these g spot sex techniques.
Step Four: Give and Receive Feedback

During g spot sex its important that you constantly be giving and receiving feedback. Often, we’re afraid to make noise in sex, much less to make requests. Partly, that’s why I recommend you agree not to have an orgasm. This way, its clearer that you’re creating a sex space for play and exploration.

One of the key’s to giving feedback is to focus it in the positive. Rather than sharply saying “I don’t like that”, emphasize what you do like. Let your partner know when you really like something he’s doing. Trust me – guys like it when you give direction. And, don’t worry – you won’t be directly all the time. This is really about learning together.

Also, guys, ask your partner when you’re not clear. Ask her what she likes. Its usually best if your questions give her an option – “Do you like it more like this, or like this?” “Do you prefer when its harder, like this, or softer like this?”.

Even if it feels weird in the beginning, learning to give and receive feedback is key to having great g spot sex (and sex in general!)

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