G Spot Masturbation: How to Crank Things up a Notch!

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Have some extra time on your hands? Learn how to work the g-spot into your self-play with g spot masturbation.Everybody loves a little action by themselves sometimes – and masturbation is our birthright!

Its definately nothing to be ashamed of, or worry about. In fact, its a great way to learn and experiment with new techniques.

The idea behind g spot masturbation is to work your g spot into your self-play. So rather than just have a quick clitoral orgasm, you can have a deeper, longer, and more full bodied orgasm (that might even have you ejaculate!).

Unfortunately, it can be hard to stimulate your g-spot by yourself. It is possible, but you have to squat or kneel –neither of which is that comfortable.

So, its best if you have help. Because this is a page on g spot masturbation we’re going to assume that helper is not your boyfriend! : ) Probably the best g spot masturbation toy we’ve found is the cyrstal wand. The crystal wand is made out of a hard material, lucite, which helps you get a firm, sustained pressure. Its curved shape has it hit your g spot easily – and makes it easy to use by yourself.

Because of its non-porous material, and its friendly, slim design, you can also use the crystal wand to stimulate your g spot through your anus (oh yeah!)

As you masturbate, its best to get yourself super hot and bothered. My girlfriends favorite way to do this when she’s in a hurry is with an Acuvibe.

I know it looks like a microphone from a kid’s playhouse – but this vibrator (originally intended for the back and neck ??!) makes my girlfriend orgasm in 2 – 3 minutes every time.

Its a trusted favorite when we want to get hot, super quick to either do g spot play, or for a quickie.

In this instance, since we’re focusing on g spot masturbation, you’d get yourself hot, either using your normal techniques, or an acuvibe. and then introduce the crystal wand, or your choice of a g spot toy.

(its unlikely you could juggle the acuvibe AND the cyrstal wand at the same time … but … i’ve been proven wrong before!)

Anyhow, as you masturbate, involve your g-spot. See what feels good – intensity, pressure, movement, up and down, back and forth, in and out, etc. See if what you like changes as you get closer to orgasm.

Its possible you’ll experience a blended orgasm from g spot masturbation. That’s where when you orgasm, sensations come not just from the clitoris but also from inside. This often gives longer, stronger sensations that are more spread-out.

Its also possible you’ll ejaculate (or just feel like peeing). We’ll talk more about that in our section on female ejaculation.

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