Prostate Pleasure

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When someone talks about the prostate, you likely don’t think of prostate pleasure. However, the male prostate or male g spot can give you intense sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

Whether you are interested in exploring your male g spot, or have already been experimenting it, you may find the whole topic confronting. Many men wonder, “if I am interested in exploring prostate pleasure, does that mean that I am gay?” Although an understandable question, given the cultural biases we find ourselves immersed in, there is a distinction between prostate pleasure – and what can be pleasurable for the male body – and sexual preference or orientation. The two are distinct, and do not necessarily go hand in hand.

For many men – gay or straight – it takes time to adjust to the thought of penetration, or any stimulation via the anus. It may be new for you to be open to being pleasured in this way, and to experience penetration as a good thing. Exploring your g spot can be a powerful experience for both the giver and the receiver.

We all know sex is an emotional and psychological experience as well as physical one. Since as men, we usually demand of ourselves to be in control, stepping into the role of receiver is a powerful psychological experience, for the receiver as well as the giver.

Prostate pleasure can open up to you areas never before stimulated or explored, and can take you past limits of what you though possible. The is can be the case not only in terms of physical pleasure, but in terms of psychological as well – openness, balance and connectedness to your partner. Prostate pleasure can offer you a path of self discovery, as well as discovery with your partner.

If you want to explore prostate pleasure on your own, we suggest trying our prostate masturbation exercise.Of course, you may want to include a partner in this exploration, and if this is the case, try our prostate massage exercise.

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