G Spot Massage

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In g spot massage you use a finger or a sex toy, to stimulate and apply pressure to the g spot, in order to remove the blocks to erotic pleasure – feelings of numbness, pain or stored sexual hurts – and replace them with intensely pleasurable, erotic sensations.

G spot massage is a lot like a massage for the body – where you use varied strokes and pressures to gently work out kinks, ease away knots and tense spots – but is centered on one particular part of the body – the g-spot.

The gspot stores an immense amount of sexual, creative energy. It also stores any sexual or emotional hurts– so as you use the g spot massage exercise below, don’t be surprised if emotions, tears, or laughter come up. This is natural, and it is a form of healing – a release of those stored emotions, making your sexual, creative energy more available to you.

Often, g spot massage is referred to as Yoni Healing – “yoni” meaning female genitals – and for good reason. The g spot massage exercise below is designed to be healing on many levels:

G spot massage can melt resistances stored in the body; make you more available for connected sex and unparalleled relationships; give you access to more sexual self-expression, personal power and creativity; offer increased sensation and responsiveness in sex, along with decreased feelings of vulnerability and stronger feelings of love.

It also allows you to open to the possibility of extended, multiple, full-bodied orgasms, often accompanied by female ejaculation.

Before you get started, a few words about g spot massage:

Maintain a feeling of playfulness, lightness and fun, while staying present and connected. Encourage your woman to be vocal about what she is experiencing and what she wants.

Make sure you tell her what you are about to do before you do it. No sudden movements or surprises. This is your woman’s most precious area, so proceeding slowly, with care and reverence is essential.

With g spot massage, your aim is to awaken your woman’s sexual juiciness, but not necessarily to bring her to orgasm – though it’s ok if she does.

G Spot Massage Exercise

You can initially do this g spot massage exercise by using your fingers to stimulate your partner’s g-spot.

Plan to set aside about an hour for this g spot massage exercise.

1. Take some time before you begin to prepare the space you’ll be doing g spot massage in – making it warm, inviting and special, a place your woman would feel welcomed into.

2. Start with a full body massage. You may want to help your woman out of her clothes and have her lie on her front to start. As you are caressing the back of her body, focus on strokes and pressures that feel good to her – when it doubt ask – how’s the pressure? lighter? harder?

3. After about 10 minutes, ask her to turn over, and continue the massage on her front. When it feels right, ask her if it is ok to massage her more intimately – and you can begin to include touching her genital area, including the inner and outer lips of her vagina. Feel free to use lots of lube and try long slow strokes as well as circular ones, paying attention to which ones feel best to your partner.

4. When your woman is nice and aroused, tell her you are going to put a finger inside, and begin to explore gently. With your inside finger, locate her gspot, about 2 inches in, along the front wall of her vagina. A nice touch is to press the palm of your other hand gently on her pubic mound, as this can be very grounding for her.

5. Take some time to explore her g spot, noting size, shape and texture, as well as any tight or painful spots. Remember, stay connected, be gentle, and keep checking in with your woman.

6. You can picture the g-spot as a clock, and to spend some time at each point of the clock, seeing where feels best, where might be numb or painful, or might cause any emotion to come up. When you get on a hot spot, hold and press gently, ask partner to describe feeling – any image or emotion coming up. Be patient, let the energy come up and discharge, and let your partner know you are there and that she is doing great.

7. As you continue on with the other clock positions, focus on the goal of greater pleasure (like with a massage), rather than dwelling entirely on the painful or numb places. You may also want to explore other areas, not just the opening of the vagina and the gspot, but deeper into the vagina and the area around the cervix and the cervix itself. Enjoy this sacred, inner part of your woman.

8. Consider ending your g spot massage session on a high note, rather than with over-stimulation. Let your woman know you are going to withdraw your finger, and cover the mound of her vagina with your hand, sealing the end of the process. Consider hugging, spooning, cuddling with her – whatever your woman wants and would feel the best.

As an afternote, it may take a few sessions of g spot massage for much emotion to come up, but in the meantime you will be getting familiar with your partner’s yoni and creating greater comfort, connection and trust between you.

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