Prostate Masturbation

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It is no secret – most of us men masturbate regularly. However, its possible that prostate masturbation is new territory, and this section is designed to help you navigate it well.

Prostate masturbation can help you to not only locate your prostate gland, but also to get comfortable with all your prostate has to offer – in other words, a whole world of heightened, deepened sexual sensations that happen before orgasm, and are separate from orgasm.

Most men have been taught that orgasm and ejaculation are the focus of masturbation and sex with a partner. Or you might think there is something “un-manly”” about enjoying the whole experience of arousal before orgasm.

Focusing on the process – rather than the outcome – of sexual arousal and intimacy can offer you a limitless arena of greater pleasure, intimacy and skill as a lover. Prostate masturbation can help shift your focus from the outcome and open you up to the rich world of experience and process, which eventually can include orgasm without ejaculation and multiple orgasms.

There are different ways to stimulate your prostate: manually (with your finger or someone else’s!) with sex toys, or even with contractions of your PC muscles. Including your penis and perineum – the smooth area between your anus and testicles – can greatly heighten pleasure and sensitivity as you play with prostate masturbation.

To get you comfortable and started, try out our prostate masturbation exercise below.

Prostate Masturbation: A Guided Exercise

Set aside about 45 minutes for this exercise. You don’t need much – some lube, a sex toy,, a towel or two and a comfortable spot.

1. A nice hot shower is a great way to wash off the day and get fully relaxed.

2. Set out your materials within arms reach in your comfortable spot.

3. Get comfortable, lying on your back, with your knees slightly bent. If you are using your finger rather than a sex toy, it can be a little harder to reach your prostate, so experimenting with the position of your body as you go along will be helpful.

4. Using lube as you wish, arouse yourself slightly – by touching your body and/or penis, balls and perineum, but just to the point of feeling turned on, not so much that you are ready to orgasm.

5. If you haven’t already, apply some lube to your finger or and touch and explore the opening to your anus. You might even try this while touching your cock at the same time. The key here is to stay relaxed.

6. If you are using your finger – ok – but if you are planning on using a sex toy, put some lube on the toy itself. Begin to gently press into your anus, slowly. You might want to keep touching your penis or your body to stay relaxed and aroused.

7. The more relaxed and aroused you are, the more your anus will relax and the more it will actually begin to invite your finger or the sex toy in.

8. Play with pressure, motion – side to side, back and forth, circular, in and out – as well as depth. Notice what you like and what feels best to you.

9. Begin to focus on the front wall of your anus – the front wall is toward the direction of your penis or toward the front of your body. About 1 or 2 inches inside your rectum you may begin to feel your prostate. It is a walnut-sized, roundish gland that sits below your bladder and can be located by touching the front wall of your anus, and likely feels sensitive and amazing to your touch.

10. Experiment with touching and stimulate your prostate alone, without touching anywhere else on your body. Try “milking” the prostate or a “come here” motion with your finger or the sex toy. You may notice extreme pleasure from just this alone.

11. Also experiment with stimulating your prostate while touching your penis, body, perineum and balls at the same time. This may enhance your overall pleasure and sensation, and it may accelerate your arousal level and make you want to come immediately.

12. Try squeezing your PC muscles around your finger or sex toy – often this can be extremely pleasurable as well. Using your PC muscles like this can help you to have orgasm without ejaculation, to stop your ejaculation as well as to have multiple orgasms. You can identify your PC muscles as the ones you would use to stop the flow of your urine.

13. Continue to explore and notice what feels best to you, getting comfortable with anal penetration in general as well as prostate masturbation. Resist the temptation to bring yourself immediately to orgasm, but keeping backing off and continue the cycle of arousal.

14. The point of this prostate masturbation exercise is not to have an orgasm – but if it happens at some point, no worries – nice side benefit!

15. When you are finished, clean up using the towels and congratulate yourself for going where no man has likely gone before!

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